We are now distributors of SpillFix in Norway

We in Rogaland Bildeler AS are now distributors of SpillFix in Norway.

SpillFix is a 100% natural product made from coconut fiber, which unlike clay-based granules does not release carcinogenic silicon dust. In addition, SpillFix is a lightweight product with a micro-sponge honeycomb structure that is very unlikely to cause strain or lower back injury.

Thanks to its honeycomb structure, SpillFix granules immediately begin to absorb liquid and quickly absorb all types of liquid. Furthermore, 2.8 kg of SpillFix can absorb the same amount of spills as 22.5 kg of clay-based granules, so much less product is needed to achieve better results. Unlike many clay-based granules, SpillFix does not leave any slippery residue and can easily mop up.


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