Reuse is environmental protection, something we care about!
It is important to us that your vehicle is disposed of in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, and this ensures that you deliver your vehicle to us at Rogaland Bildeler AS.

– Over 85 – 95% of vehicle materials are recycled when your vehicle is scraped. Used parts give us a new life, which saves both the environment and your economy. Fuel, liquids, oils and other hazardous waste should be treated as special waste.

Our goal is to use as much of your vehicle as possible – and as little as possible to landfill.


Rogaland Bildeler AS is BD-certifed
– BD Certification is NBF (Norwegian Car Collectors Association) ‘s own certification.

BD Certification aims to ensure that regulatory-requirements, requirements from Autoretur AS (main operators) and customer expectations are met. This approval covers the activities of the company regarding the receipt of discarded vehicles and the sale of used parts.



« It is a part of our responsibility to resell used parts so they can be useful for many new years »


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