Rogaland Bildeler AS receives vehicles for recycling and adheres to the environmental protection at all times applicable regulations. Wreck pledge is a scheme that ensures that car owners hand in the cars when they have made use of Norwegian roads.

Still good car parts will be cleaned, tested and ready for sale.



When you deliver in a car at Rogaland Bildeler AS, you will receive NOK 3,000, – in wreckage. These are usually paid out within 2-4 weeks by the Tax Administration or you can receive them in cash with us.

Pick up service

Rogaland Bildeler AS collects car wrecks with large crane trucks throughout Rogaland and large parts of Vest-Agder. We then pay NOK 2000 cash for the wreck. (Note: some places discounted price. Contact us for more info)



Pick up service


General information

Step 1Ordering
To order a pick-up for your vehicle, simply fill in our “Pick up form”. Please provide as accurate information as possible. It will simplify our process.

Step 2 – Agreement pickup time
We will contact you for and arrange the pickup time, either by phone or email address.

Step 3 – Pickup and payment
Pickup as aggred. We then pay NOK 2000 cash for the wreck.

In some places there may be reduced prices. Contact us for more information.

Rates 2019

Vehicle / Wreckage:
Truck: 5000,- NOK
Passenger and van: 3000,- NOK
Motorhome and caravan: 3000,- NOK
Moped and motorcycle: 500,- NOK