Our customers are usually satisfied with their purchase, which is very important to us. However, we would like to inform you that you have a guarantee and exchange right according to the terms below.

Upon receipt of the goods, visible damage to packaging must be reported immediately to the carrier!

The product is free delivered Egersund and therefore posed no guarantee regarding the loss or damage of goods from our site.

The item (s) you have purchased comes from to used car parts that Rogaland Bildeler AS believes will work satisfactorily. If the part’s age and previous use nevertheless causes the part (s) not to have any functional ability, Rogaland Bildeler AS disclaims any responsibility for such malfunction. Work on the part / car must not be started before contacting Rogaland Bildeler AS.

Guarantee is automatically revoked if the part is not installed by an authorized workshop. Documentation must be provided.




3rd month warranty against breakdown, applies to engine and gear and gives “New” used item or item value refundable. Our liability is limited, for whatever reason, to the product’s sales value. Expenditure on in / out assembly is not covered by Rogaland Bildeler AS. All other items last 14 days. The seller must be contacted before warranty work is started. Shipping costs are not covered for complaints / returns. Our guarantee is not inherited when the item is changed.

Return policy
All returns MUST be agreed by telephone 51 49 49 50 or email. Upon return, the buyer must enclose a receipt / invoice as well as a return slip on the reason for the return. For undamaged goods, these must be returned within 14 days of the delivery date. There is a 20% (minimum 300 kr) return charge on return of all items. All electronics (computer, el-manifolds, etc.) and goods under 300 kr will not be returned. Specially ordered parts are NOT returned, including cutting of chassis and other parts that are not normally in stock. Parts that have been disassembled, opened or similar are also not returned and have no claim rights. Upon return, the receipt / delivery note and return slip must be checked. Returned goods must be packed well and returned in the same way the delivery came from us. NOT IN MAIL ORDER!

NOTE: Returned / goods that have not been approved by us are in our warehouse for 3 months after receipt. If goods are not claimed within this period, part will be sent for destruction.